From the Company that brings you the
Best Premium Jerky for Humans...

Comes a New Treat for Your Pet(s)!

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Premium Pet Treats!

Jerky Direct - Made in USA

Wholesome All-Natural Turkey Strips for Pets

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NO Preservatives - NO Added MSG - NO Erythorbate - NO Nitrite - NO Artificial Ingredients!
(Have you checked what's in 'other' pet treats?)

Jerky Direct - Made in USA
Jerky Direct has been giving you humans your own
delicious, mouth-watering, tender jerky
(beef, buffalo, turkey and chicken!)
since 2004

and NOW HAS nutritious treats for your pets!

Watch how excited this (white) Bichon Frise puppy gets
when he is introduced to the Turkey Strips!

Order Some TODAY!
Premium Pet Treats!

12oz (2x6oz resealable bags) for only $14.75!
Case (24x6oz resealable bags) for only $127.30!

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